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No perfume no problem, no need to weight down your bags for extra weights. Small and compact and easy to carry around.


3 power points of The YEON soapy hand cream


1. No stickiness – Plant base ingredients delivers moisture and nutrition for a dewy and soft finishing.

2. Soap scent that refreshes the mind – Pure and clean as if you just washed up.

3. Perfect fit for hand and bags – Easy and portable size that fits perfectly in bag and pouch.

How does it smells like?


Pure – Subtle scent, compared to like a natural scent.

Clean – Fresh scent, refreshing just like out from a shower.

Cotton – Soft and warm, warmly wrapped your hands with soap scent.


Where to get? Only at IPretty Studio, the sole distributor for The YEON products.


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The YEON Soapy Hand Perfume