Where can you get a foundation stick that can give covers your pore and at the same time gives you sunscreen, concealer and essences? Of course its The YEON CMK pore blemish BC stick.


Which foundation stick can naturally blend your skin and totally covers flaws on the skin? Only The YEON BC stick can, no other foundation can gives you that total effects.


3 colours to choose from, Natural, deep and pink.


How to choose the foundations on your skin?


Pink Beige – For people who have totally reddish tone or pale skin.

Deep Beige – For those who have dark tone or tanned sexy skin tone.

Natural Beige – For people who have yellowish skin tone or smooth and warm skin tone.


No need extra brush for foundations now, with innovations. The YEON BC stick have a brush attached and the other side the foundations.


3 power points for you to buy BC stick


+ Same as putting on base makeup which helps you to save time.

+ Smooth skin texture after applied.

+ Perfect coverage with gives you the maximum finish.


So why get other foundations stick that does not give you the maximum coverage? Get The YEON BC stick, where to get? Of course its at IPretty Studio.

The YEON CMK Pore Blemish BC Stick (Drop ship)


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