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NEW From The YEON, siblings of The YEON Refining calamine pink spot.


Get your spots off your face in no time.

Can’t get rid of pesky spots with ordinary solutions? Worry of your ordinary spot care can’t do any help? Only The YEON Refining calamine cream can get rid of your spots effectively. Your solutions for sensitive and tired skin.


What does their pink powder do?


* Helps Skin soothing.

* Controls oil on your face.


Results can be seen in weeks~!!! Tested by stimulating the external environment.


3 Power points of the product


+ Strengthens skin barrier

- Highly concentrated calamine cream helps smoothens skin texture and strengthens skin barriers.

+ Amazing calming effects

- Tested with complete skincare stability, can be used daily and gives intensive care for sensitive skin.

+ Act as a skin tone up

- Instantly tone up your skin


Can The YEON Refining Calamine Cream protect my skin from environment pollutions?


Yes it can, it contains plant oil complex and special formulations to protect your skin from pollution.


So who is suitable to use?


* Frequent trouble with sensitive skin.

* Skin easily irritated by environment and dirt.

* Those who want to take care of their face all at once.

* Looking for hypoallergenic skincare products.


So where to get? Only at IPretty Studio, the appointed distributor for The YEON products.


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Refining Calamine Cream

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S$30.10Sale Price