Love that peachy feelings and that first puppy love you have? And that innocent feelings you have when you with your first love?

MEKO love blush palette brings you that first love feelings and that innocent colours of blusher to you.

What is so unique about this blusher?

- Smooth silky touch

The blusher that can gives you that feelings that you don’t have any blusher put on, even though you saw it has it on you.

- Ease of applications

No other blusher can lets you apply that easy and does not flak easy, only MEKO Sweet love blush palette can maintain that colour on you.

- Unique dual heart shape colour

Use that style of yours to build that perfect image of yours.

- Bright tone colour

Fresh tone colours that fits to your mood.

What does the blusher include which others don’t have?

- Small mirror for easy to touch up

- A small brush for blusher touch up

So have not any blusher in mind? Get MEKO Sweet love blush palette your selected lovely first love companion.

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MEKO sweet love blush palette

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S$10.40Sale Price

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