Got an eyeshadow but one 1 colour? Get MEKO Muliti Eye Makeup Palette instead, multiple colours with daring colours.


MEKO Muliti Eye Makeup Palette has the attitude and helps to brings out the colourful in you, be creative in your eye colour. Don’t stick to dull colours.


3 eyeshadow colours to choose from.


Berry cocktail – Wine red colours with exciting of reds to show the playfulness in you.

Strawberry cream cake – Plain and yet still shows the colours applied, suitable for those who not into too extreme makeup.

Orange soba – Warm colour with not too much too deep colours, for those who are more mature and into the working professional.


Also it includes a small brush below, slide it to show the brush.


What is so good about this MEKO Muliti eye makeup palette?


- Soft and smooth feel when applied onto skin, easy to applied and build great shine upon your eyes.

- Long lasting and colour fixed till the end of the day. No flaking, no colour smudge and great colours choice.


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MEKO Muliti Eye Makeup Palette

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