Foundations not glossy?

Blusher with a boast of brightening.

Your blusher is not getting you that shine?

Blusher not give you that blushing red look?

Why not give it a boast, get MEKO Brilliant light face brightener.

Give that face foundations a boast or that blusher a boast, get your colors out most of it. And your pics will be in HD and stunning.

So how many colors do we have?

* Illusory

* Bashful

* Contour

So how do you use this 3 colors? No worries we are here to help.

- Illusory

Focus mainly on brightening and also give natural gloss and shine.


Contains blush red to perk up your look, when blushers is not gives that shine. Use this to boast up that color, it makes your blusher even more natural.

- Contour

More on shadowing, helps you in getting that smaller face.

So where to get it? Of course at IPretty Studio, the appointed distributor for MEKO cosmetics. Also you could get them at Nomadx, the official appointed retail store for MEKO brands.

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MEKO Brilliant light face brightener

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S$18.00Sale Price

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