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Lotus root you eat them, but have you heard of Lotus root that can also help you with your skin? No? Only The YEON has it, we give you The YEON Lotus Roots 365 Moisture Capsule Essence. The power of Lotus root with 30% extract, which also helps to in deep moisturizing and give moisture barriers.


What can Lotus Roots 365 Moisture Capsule Essence do?


When it’s uses on the skin, it forms a moisture barrier and in turn fills your skin with hydro capsule.


It also contains Ceramide which is important to the skin.


What is a Ceramide?


It prevents water from evaporated from your skin and keeping the skin hydrated all day long.


Other functions of Ceramide.


It also act as a double care essence which hydrates and brightens your skin at the same time.


So who do we recommend to?


- Individuals who worried about sensitive skin.

- People who are looking into deep moisturization.

- People who worried their skin is dry.

- Ladies who does not have good makeup and cause makeup to go flaky on skin.


So why wait? Let your skin have its best skincare, where to buy? Of course it’s at IPretty Studio, the appointed distributor for The YEON products.


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Lotus Roots 365 Moisture Capsule Essence