No skincare products that can make your skin more moist and prevent from drying up? And in the meantime provides oxygen to your face? Where to find it? Of course The YEON Lotus root 365 moisture bubble cream can.


So what is this bubble that makes the skin healthier?


Oxygen bubble is trapped in the Lotus cream, and it breaks down rough and dry skin which in turn completely moist the skin and provide oxygen to skin.


The first for The YEON, a double care cream.


The YEON is the first skincare who have the double care cream effects, it firms your skin and brightens your skin at the same time.


So what does it contains?


It contains Mucin which promotes collagen that is found in Lotus root, it stimulate the skin and make it tighter.


The YEON Lotus Roots 365 Moisture Bubble Cream also have 30% of purified lotus root extract, meaning it contains a lot of elasticity for your skin.


So what you waiting for? Don’t know where to shop? It’s only at IPretty Studio of course, the only distributor for The YEON products.


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Lotus Roots 365 Moisture Bubble Cream

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