Thinking of getting your hair colour done in the salon? Want a top grade hair colour brands to colour your hair? Now you can, we bring you KROM hair crème colour professional.


Now you can get you hair colour done in a professional way, the people who provides professional hair colour to you.


A state-of-the-art formulation, enriched with ARGAN, which performs a repairing and protective action, POLIQUATERNIUM AND BEEWAX fade the pigment in depth.


Guarantees greater colour retention, extraordinary brilliance, perfect uniformity, and maximum reliability, total coverage of white hair, exceptional softness and combability.


What colours do we have?


* Iridal Red dark blonde

* Ginseng

* Beige

* Light Exotic blonde

* Flamming Red

* Light Copper brown

* Copper golden light blonde

* Red mahogany light chest nut

* Beige


We have more colours than this, so why are you waiting for? Just email us at and we will send you all the colour list.


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KROM hair crème colour


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