Ladies after shampooing your hair you need some conditioner to norish your hair right? So what brands will you use for your hair? The same or different types of brand? Right here at IPretty Studio we have the right product of conditioner for you, if KROM has shampoo we have conditioner as well. We give you KROM conditioner advance, the set of hair care from KROM.


It’s best to use the same brand for optimum best hair results.


So why get the same brand of conditioner?


The Color Advance Conditioner, performs a protective action without weighing it down. The restructuring and reinforcing agents in the formula preserve the intensity of the hair color.


Optional size: 250ml / 1000ml / 1 Lt


So let your hair pamper and get the best, shop now at IPretty Studio now.

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KROM Conditioner advance


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