The world is full of germs and bacteria, all we need is to take care ourselves and always remind to wash our hands. So we wash it with merely a simple soap to keep our hands clean, but have you wondered. Is your hands really clean after washing it with ordinary soap?

According to studies, our hands alone have many unseen bacteria and germs. Even with one fingernail alone has 38 million of them, and also there’s 182 types of germs living on our hands.

Even with ordinary hand soap only 60 – 70% of the germs is cleared on your hands, so all you need is a hand sanitizer that can cleared almost 99% of the germs from hands.

So we give you Dr. Althea Instant Hand Cleanser Gel, the best hand sanitizer that you can have.

Comes in 2 size, 50ml and 2ml of 10pcs.

Why is it so good?

- Helps kills 99% of germs and bacteria on hands.

- Comes in a convenient size for easy carry.

- Helps to traps water on your skin effectively.

So why bother to find others where you can get the best?

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Dr. Althea Instant Hand Cleanser Gel (Drop ship)


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