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You’ve eaten honey, you used honey as a skincare. But have you ever use it on your hair? Only Chakan Factory HONEY BOMB 90%SHAMPOO has it, which has the properties of honey. Which gives elastic and health to your hair.


What makes this product unique?


* Provides Silky & Smoothness to your hair.

* Moisturizing your hair while using it.

* Hair Repair for your damaged hair.

* Gives Shine & Frizz Control to your hair.

* Long Lasting Hair Style for your beautiful hair.

* Haircare for damaged hair.


So many benefits of using Chakan Factory HONEY BOMB 90%SHAMPOO, so are you not hyped to use it?


What other benefits it have?


+ It balances oil and moisture to make hair moist and alive.

+ It also strengthens rough and weak hair.


So excited to use? Where to buy? Of course it’s at IPretty Studio, the appointed distributor for Chakan Factory haircare products.


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Chakan Factory HONEY BOMB 90%SHAMPOO