The Birth of IPretty Studio

IPretty Studio was started in 2012 by a siblings, created just to be an online store to sell affordable makeup to ladies across Singapore and Malaysia alike. Struggling to build an affordable cosmetic brands for all ladies. In 2014 it was renamed Awe till 2015, it has become inactive since 2016 and in that time IPretty Studio was take over by the couple. And in 2016 the company refocus it’s business to cosmetic and skincare distribution, and at the same time IPretty Studio registered under ACRA and became a lisited company to legally selling makeup and skincare in retail as well as online.

IPretty Studio has been in the distribution business since 2016 and continues to bring high quality products to our consumers in Singapore as well as across the causeway, our focus is always our consumers as the slogans for our company is “Create. Believe. Confidence.”. “You Create.” “You Believe.” “We give you confidence.” That’s is our focus and will always helps you to create that beautiful you.

Natural for the skins

Since 2016, IPretty Studio has been providing the best for our customers. Giving the best products for the best results to their skins, we have been sourcing and buying in with trusted supplier with their best products of ingredients. 

For this we look for ingredients that is natural and herbal that is good for the skin and also ingredients that is not harmful to skin.

At IPretty Studio, we your healthy skin is our business. 

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